Empowering Students with Music Education

Music for Everyone

Parents EXPECT Music Education to be a Part of your School's Offerings


  • Parents and students expect that their school offers a quality total music program. In a Gallup poll, 75% of parents said that activities such as Band were important considerations in selecting a school.
  • Students who study music attend college at a rate TWICE the national average, and score nearly 64 points higher on SAT's than students with no musical training.
  • School Administrators are key to bringing Fine Arts into the lives of students who are desperate to be part of music!
  • We'd be happy to meet with you to look at starting a Band program at virtually no cost to the school!

When your school partners with us, we work to provide Unparalleled Music Opportunities!


  • YOUR SCHOOL is able to offer music instruction, staffed by one of our Music Education Specialists.
  • YOUR STUDENTS develop musicianship, character & discipline. They gain confidence & self-esteem. They improve listening, concentration, & memory skills.
  • YOUR PARENTS will enjoy the convenience of music instruction offered on campus, eliminating extra travel and time commitments.
  • YOUR STAFF is backed by a team of experienced music educators who will work together with you to build a successful music program in your school.
  • YOUR ENROLLMENT is likely to increase as students are looking for schools with Fine Arts opportunities!

Administrator Video


  • Is this worth it for our students?
  • What will this look like in the future?
  • What will it do for the kids?

Scott Lang, a veteran Music Educator and Advocate addresses School Administrators directly.

"Music students are more successful at everything they do, and it all starts here because of you!"