Empowering Students with Music Education


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Should my child take music?

A. For 41 years we've watched students start and then excel & succeed in music! We've watched skeptical students become avid music lovers, nervous students become confident musicians, and beginning plays become advanced performers! Music will become a big part of your child's life as they develop their skill, and watch it give them more opportunities than they ever thought possible. One of our parents had this to say about their son, a saxophone player named Henry:

  • Henry is playing his saxophone practically every day now. He loves being in Band. It has been his greatest source of camaraderie during his transition into high school. Also, he has been well challenged, will be playing for the community later in the year, and has gained lots of confidence. He is having a blast! I can't imagine what it would be like for him without it. Thanks for being a part of his joy!

Q. Where do you teach?

A. We have over 130 Band & Keyboard programs in 22 cities across 6 states. We work with private schools to offer the best music programs in the country!

Q. What ages do you teach?

A. We teach all ages. Most Bands are for 4th grade and up, while Keyboard students start in 2nd grade.

Q. Do I have to audition to be in music?

A. Not at all! EVERYBODY is able to learn an instrument!

Q. What instrument can I learn?

A. We have students in Band learning almost every instrument you can think of! If your school is partnering with us and this is your first time in Band, we recommend Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, or Snare Drum. We also have Keyboard Classes, Recorder Classes, and more... all sorts of Musical Adventures. Just ask your school!

Q. Where should I get an instrument?

A. We have partnered with Instrumental Music Supply for many years! They do a convenient, FREE delivery directly to your home and allow you to exchange the instrument during the first 3 months for another instrument. They offer some of the best rental prices in comparison to local music stores (around $20/month for most instruments), and use quality American-made Conn-Selmer instruments.

  • WEB: www.InstrumentalMusicSupply.weebly.com
  • PHONE: 434.239-6346

Q. Who is the teacher?

A. We are THRILLED to provide our students with teachers who have Music Education degrees, teaching experience, and a LOVE for what they do! Many of our teachers also have Masters and Doctoral degrees! Your teacher will be at your school and able to do a proper introduction in person. Until then, know that all of our teachers are prepping for the School Year and working hard to be ready to see you in class!

Q. Are you hiring?

A. We'd love to have you with us. Our hiring process is as follows:

  • Contact our team to get started CLICK HERE FOR CONTACT PAGE
  • Submit your RESUME and COVER LETTER.
  • Upon successful resume analysis by our team, we'll send you an OFFICIAL APPLICATION.
  • Upon successful application analysis by our team, we'll set-up a Skype meeting with you and our team.
  • Finally, we'll want to meet face-to-face and set-up what it looks like to move forward!

The best candidate will have a love for students, an enthusiasm for recruiting students to Band programs in their schools, and a passion for building music programs marked by excellence!