Empowering Students with Music Education


AIMA Events

**Fall ExtravaBANDza**

This special "Kick-off" gives students across their District an important jolt to the start of the year with an emphasis on instrument assembly & care, warm-up and at-home practice direction, note reading & fingering drills, and tuning & group-play rehearsal.

  • Beginners: Assistance in instrument assembly and music reading.
  • Intermediate: Music review and important next steps.
  • Advanced: A chance to play fun, new music with others.


Every AIMA student is given a slot of time to perform for an adjudicator who gives them positive and encouraging feedback! This is an important part of student's music education emphasizing personal feedback and room for improvement. We have 5 goals for Solo/Ensemble:

  1. Improve students' music performance.
  2. Increase students' understanding of music literature and music concepts.
  3. Motivate students to continue & enjoy their study of music.
  4. Establish standards of excellence in music performance.
  5. Provide opportunities for students to understand the relationship of music experiences to other life experiences.

**District Festival**

This is the highlight of our musical year! Students spend the day learning and rehearsing as a large group, and then perform a special 1:00pm Festival Concert, followed by Band/Music Awards! AIMA District Festivals:

  1. Expose students to the joy of making music with a large group.
  2. Provide a learning atmosphere in a unique way.
  3. Give students a fun and memorable event that makes them want to stick with it.
  4. Allow parents to hear good music AND see their children enjoying themselves.

**Honor Band Tour**

Students who reach a level of playing ability (usually in their 2nd year) are nominated to the All-State Honor Band and are honored for their progress and hard work. The HONOR BAND TOUR is a 3-day event where students from around the country come to work on intermediate to advanced musical selections for a series of several concerts.

For 2019: the Tour will begin in Washington DC and end in Virginia Beach.

Mark your calendar!!!

Fall ExtravaBANDza 2018 Dates

Sep 19: VA Lynchburg/Roanoke

Sep 23: NC Winston-Salem/Triad

Sep 27: TN Knoxville

Oct    3: VA Hampton Roads/ VA Beach

Solo/Ensemble 2019 Dates

Jan 27: NC Winston-Salem/Triad

Jan 31: TN Knoxville

Feb   3: VA Lynchburg/Roanoke

Feb   6: VA Hampton Roads/ VA Beach

Feb   7: MD/VA Washington DC area

Feb 10: NC Charlotte

District Festival 2019 Dates

Apr 22: VA Lynchburg/Roanoke

Apr 23: NC Charlotte

Apr 27: MD/VA Washington DC area

Apr 28: VA Hampton Roads/ VA Beach

May  1: TN Knoxville

May  7: NC Winston-Salem/Triad

HONOR BAND 2019 Dates

Sunday - Tuesday, April 26-28

Washington DC -to- Virginia Beach

Mr. Weer has been directing Bands on the local and national level for 15 years. A frequent guest conductor, Mr. Weer brings excitement and authenticity to Band students. We are proud to present this opportunity under his leadership.