Empowering Students with Music Education

District Festivals

About District Festivals


Each year, our team of Music Educators hosts a series of District Festival events in cities around the country. Students spend the day learning and rehearsing as a large group, and then perform a special 1:00pm Festival Concert, followed by Band Awards!

District Festival Goals


  1. Expose students to the joy of making music with a large group.
  2. Provide a learning atmosphere in a unique way.
  3. Give students a fun and memorable event that makes them want to stick with it.
  4. We want parents to hear good music AND see their children enjoying themselves.

2019 Schedule


April 2 (Tue)

VA Lynchburg/Roanoke District

April 11 (Thu)

VA/MD NOVA/DC/Maryland Districts

April 12 (Fri)

VA Hampton Roads / VA Beach Districts

April 16 (Tue)

TN Knoxville District

April 29 (Mon)

NC Winston-Salem / High Point Districts

April 30 (Tue)

NC Charlotte District

What to Expect

"Alexander cannot stop talking about the wonderful day he had @ the Festival! THANK YOU!" (PARENT)

RELAX While some more experienced students might be given solo opportunities, students do NOT need to worry about playing a solo! This is a relaxed Music Festival, and your child will be encouraged, motivated, and excited about music in their participation!

PRACTICE Students should listen closely to their teacher on what songs to practice at home. We start each of these Festivals with a review of "where we've come" this year, so we start at the beginning of the Red Standard of Excellence Book and move through several pages. If your child absolutely can NOT remember what songs to practice, here's a good list:

  • Page 8: #15, 16, 17
  • Page 9: #23, 24
  • Page 11: #37, 39
  • Page 14: #51
  • Page 15: #59
  • Page 16: #63
  • Page 19: #80, 81
  • These will be played with other students (including beginners), so students do NOT need to feel nervous if they can't play every song! It's a fun Festival!!!

WHAT TO BRING Students should bring their MUSIC, their INSTRUMENT, and a BAG LUNCH. If your child has a MUSIC STAND, they should bring that as well. 

DRESS Generally, we ask students to wear WHITE TOPS and BLACK BOTTOMS (avoid shorts, jeans, and t-shirts). Use this performance as an opportunity to dress up a bit, but please don't feel that you have to go out and buy anything specific!

PARENTS Parents, you are encouraged to attend the 1:00pm Festival Concert to cheer on these future musicians! If you get some photos of the students with their instruments, send them our way!

AWARDS Students will receive special Awards at the end of the 1:00pm Festival Concert. They will NOT want to miss this!!!

SCHOOL TRANSPORTATION & PERMISSION SLIPS Every school is different: yours might be making plans to send a school bus with the whole Band. Or maybe your school relies on parent volunteers to drive students. Check with your music teacher and school as they make plans: they might need your help! Permissions Slips will go home with your child.

SCHEDULING Each district is a bit different. Some Festivals begin at 9:00am, others at 10:00am. SEE YOUR MUSIC TEACHER or check your e-mail for the ACTUAL schedule. An example schedule:

  • SAMPLE SCHEDULE: See your Music teacher for ACTUAL schedule
  • 10:00am Check-in & Welcome
  • 10:15am Rehearsal Begins
  • 11:10am Master Class
  • SAMPLE SCHEDULE: See your Music teacher for ACTUAL schedule
  • 11:20am Sectionals
  • 11:35am Lunch
  • 12:05pm Dress Rehearsal
  • SAMPLE SCHEDULE: See your Music teacher for ACTUAL schedule
  • 12:45pm Seating of the audience
  • 1:35pm Awards
  • 1:45pm Clean-up / Pack-up / Depart
  • SAMPLE SCHEDULE: See your Music teacher for ACTUAL schedule